Why POLLFLO you ask? What makes us different? Are we just another polling company? Our answer to you is, Try us. We’re exploring a new space in polling.

We created a concept that is Simple, Streamlined, Fun and Informative. A unique experience that sets us apart from all the others.

With POLLFLO, receive Accurate, Quick, and Detailed Information from any group you’d like. We have created a place of representation for all.

Imagine a creative stream of thought that combines the diversity of the world in a simple, accurate platform.

POLLFLO: Fun. Simple. Anonymous Polling

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Once the poll system is live we will contact you by email to create your FREE POLLFLO account. Next, you'll be able to create your own poll and interact with polls created by other members.

We have created a place of representation for all. Ask what you want, when you want and to whomever you want. All on your own time table.

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POLLFLO was founded in San Diego, California by a young alumnus from San Diego State University here’s his vision.

While taking notice of the divide in our current world, and the constant noise of an unending cycle of erratic news outlets sending miscommunication through every pathway, a young man in San Diego, California strived for a way to bring people together instead of pulling us apart.

He, like many Americans are seeking a better path forward to share who we are, our insights, our differences, our future, our likes and dislikes all in an effort to celebrate people in all their uniqueness.

People value speed of acquiring information as well, Why not seek a better way to get to know people of the world in a positive way by creating your own polls that give you just the information you need? As a result, POLLFLO was born.

With POLLFLO, people will be able to acquire information from any desired demographic of people. Rather than assume how people are thinking or how a certain group will vote, find out for yourself. The results might surprise you or even enlighten you.

POLLFLO will have the ability to produce real time polling on a subject matter with a commenting section for further discussion which provides different results and insights with each new poll.

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