Frequently Asked Questions

Is PollFlo anonymous?

It can be. You can enter any username that isn’t taken yet. Your demographics will only be linked to this unique username. The only personal information required to create an account is your email which is hidden from other users.

What kind of polls should I post?

Anything. If the poll question is unique from other active polls, PollFlo allows you to ask whatever question you want to whatever demographic you want.

What demographics do I need to enter to create an account?

The only demographics required to create an account are your age range, race, and gender. These cannot be changed when you create an account. Sexuality and Religion are optional to enter. However, you won’t be able to vote on polls or create polls targeting these two demographics if you choose not to enter them. These demographics can be changed.

How many answers can I put on a poll I create?

Up to 5 answers in multiple choice fashion.

How can I get more people to vote on my polls?

Come up with a thought-provoking question that you’re genuinely interested in gaining knowledge from. Odds are others will be interested in your questions and will be more likely to vote and interact with your discussion board.