POLLFLO provides a fun, interactive, and educational approach to polling. Using POLLFLO, users can discover more about people they wouldn't normally interact with. In addition to a variety of questions ranging from serious to fun, POLLFLO also gives you a glimpse into the perspectives of others.

Find Out For Yourself

Preconceived assumptions have no place at POLLFLO. It is up to you to find out what different groups of people really think about your subject. Rather than assuming a group of people think a certain way, POLLFLO gives you the ability to find out for yourself.

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Create Your Own Poll

You can search through POLLFLO to view polls on your desired topic. Can’t find what you need? Then it’s time to create your own poll and discover the answer! From serious to fun questions. POLLFLO will show you the diversity of thought the world has to offer from an analytical and data-oriented perspective.

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Surprised by the results? Let everyone know your two cents on the discussion board below each poll. Even if your demographics do not qualify you to vote on a poll, you still have a voice thanks to the discussion board. Do you have a competitive edge? Good, POLLFLO gives you the ability to build a portfolio of polls and compete with other users for votes, likes, and subscribers. So have some thoughtful questions ready.

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